Last Sunday, at the church we’ve been visiting for the summer, just after the worship songs had ended and folks were settling down to hear the Word, my husband suddenly bolted for the door.  This was so out of character that I sat perched on the edge of my seat, staring after him in open-mouthed puzzlement, as he stood mostly outside, his foot holding the door open, bent over.  Was he sick?  Should I go see about him?  Pretty soon he strode back in and spoke one word into my questioning countenance:  Tick.

Shudder.  Considering I’d walked through the same grass he had around our camper, it took willpower not to go on a search and scratch mission over my bodily territory, but I waited for the service to end before making my own hasty departure. 

I’d already been pondering sticky things that weekend, ever since our daughter made a comment about somebody having “sticky energy.”  I’m not quite sure what that means, but I tried to picture it, and it wasn’t pretty.  What came to mind was the image of a man with ugly names…such as Unmerciful, Grudging, Deceptive… sticking to his person —well, like ticks.  

Whatever sticky energy was, I knew I didn’t want any of it.

The truth is, though, we’ve all got a few ticks that need extracting.  Even as I pondered sticky stuff, a particularly hurtful memory floated to the top of my brain and attached itself like a blood-sucking insect. “Why can’t that be gone?” I mentally hollered, and I determined that I had to find a solution.

Whether tick or attitude, if something is stuck to you, the only thing to be done is to remove it. Or have somebody remove it for you if it’s stuck someplace where you can’t get at it, such as your heart.

Here’s what I want you to do:  get on the floor, face-down, in a worship position. Personally I tuck my feet under me in a yoga Child’s Pose, which is lower-back friendly, like this:  Extend your arms on the floor, palms up. Breathe deeply and allow your meticulous Heavenly Father to go over all of you—spirit, heart, mind—and pluck off any ugly thing stuck there.  Let Him name whatever it is:  Unforgiving; Bigotry; Enslavement; Bitterness.  You might even hear the word Pride if you’re lying there thinking you don’t have anything stuck to you.

Imagine the ugly thing dissolving into the beauty of His wounds. You’ll be amazed how much lighter you’ll feel.

Now you need a salve, something clean that will stick to you in a healing way and will remain captured in your heart into Eternity.  Breathe more deeply and imagine the Oil of the Spirit trickling upon you, soothing, restoring.  Hear words meant for you alone spoken over you, such as:  Trust; Thrive; Beauty; Laughter; Light; Well-being; Encourager; Truth-speaker.  Allow the words to sink in until you can picture them written on your extended forearms, like tattoos.    

Then go forth, my friend.  I’ll just bet your energy will be anything but sticky!